Capital Booster Club Annual Scholarships


The Capital High School Booster Club (CHSBC) awards two $1,000 Scholarships annually in a lottery.  Entries into the scholarship lottery are based on the level of annual membership as follows:

🐾Cougar Membership – 1 ticket
🐾White Membership – 2 tickets
🐾Gold Membership – 4 tickets
🐾Cardinal Membership – 6 tickets
🐾MVP Membership – 8 tickets

Eligability:  Scholarships can be used by the winner if they have a senior heading onto secondary education or they can designate a senior of their choice to receive the scholarship. The award amount may also be designated to a WIAA activity or athletic program at CHS. The winner must communicate the scholarship designation to the CHSBC via email at prior to the end of the current school year which the scholarship is awarded or it will be forfeited. The name of the designee and full contact information along with the name of the school the designee is attending or WIAA program chosen to receive the scholarship should be specified.

CHSBS Role: The CHSBS will contact the winner of the scholarship to assure notification and educate them regarding eligibility. The CHSBS will also coordinate payment of scholarship to the appropriate school or CHS WIAA affiliated group as requested by the winner.

Additional questions can be directed to

2022 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Katie Hurley and Peggy Williams for being drawn to designate a $1,000 education scholarship to a 2022 CHS Senior.